Work packages

Work package 1

WP 1 deals with the fundamental modelling concepts of the project to extend CAMEL and forming the foundation for the work in the other work packages. Building on information gathered from the open source repositories it will construct application deployment template models that will be further enriched with knowledge about the Cloud capabilities. 

Work package 2

WP 2 establishes the infrastructure that enables the transformation of the application model in response to the changed execution context identified by the monitored application and Cloud metrics. The extension of the Cloud to volatile Edge devices requires the monitoring to be robust in order to be used for real-time situation awareness and prediction of the execution context evolution.

Work package 3 

WP 3 combines the information about the application and its predicted execution context with the deployment template models to find an optimised deployment model. This model is then compared with the running model and a set of reconfiguration actions are planned to instantiate the optimised model with the least possible changes to the infrastructure deployed for the application.

Work package 4

WP 4 is responsible for designing the architecture of MORPHEMIC pre-processor with proactive reconfiguration as well as integrating and testing the modelling tools developed in MORPHEMIC and package them under a simple and secure interface.

Work package 5

WP 5 combines the result of WP4 with user interfaces and resource managers for Cloud capabilities and hardware accelerators into an environment allowing the DevOps to load and deploy the application.

Work package 6

WP 6 deals with the testing and validating phase by three demanding use cases: (1) Virtualized base station for 5G cloud- RAN; (2) e-BrainScience; (3) Cloud-based multi-fidelity fluid simulations.optimised model with the least possible changes to the infrastructure deployed for the application.

Research and technical WPs are supported by 3 non-technical WPs: 

Work package 7

WP 7 aims to inform the general public about the benefits offered by the results of MORPHEMIC and provide training on both modelling and the operational environment.

Work package 8

WP 8 deals with the identification of exploitable assets and the management of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for these assets and planning the exploitation of these assets. 

Work package 9

WP 9 implements the proven management methodology for the co-ordination of the work and the financial monitoring and reporting.