MORPHEMIC has been presented by Jean-Didier Totow, Research assistant at the University of Piraeus, during the 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing in Emerging Markets 2020 took place virtually November 4-7, 2020. Jean-Didier Totow presented a scientific publication, entitled: “Real-time adaptable resource allocation for distributed data-intensive applications over cloud and edge environments”.

This short paper presents an approach for ensuring a stable performance for applications running on cloud and edge environments according to expectations defined by their owner when the workload is changing over time. This approach is exploited on MORPHEMIC by the performance model module establishes a model mimicking an application behavior in terms of performance given a resource (configuration). 

The MORPHEMIC project is an innovative multi-cloud management system enabling adaptation of cloud applications proactively. Accept for providing adaptation of resources, application architecture can also be altered if MORPHEMIC discovers that a component can produce a better performance when running on VM, on a container of a big data task.