This year OW2Con will be held 100% virtual, 8-9 June 2022. The central theme of OW2con this year is: “Reliable and Predictable Open Source Software”. The challenge for skilled community developers and professional development teams is to address the needs of the mainstream market with reliable, predictable and well supported industry-grade open source software. Similarly, users must learn how to manage open source professionally so as to adopt open source in a way that is also reliable and predictable. This year OW2con’22 will address the many challenges of ensuring reliable and predictable open source software. 9 June 2022 at 12h15 Alessandra Bagnato from Softeam and Paweł Skrzypek from 7bulls will have a presentation entitled: “The H2020 MORPHEMIC Project Open Source Components”. We hope to collect many interested companies and organizations at our slot.

The full Agenda of 2-day conference is available here:

About OW2Con’22 you can read here: