IS-Wireless, MORPHEMIC partner, organised an on-line conference entitled: “Open RAN for Beyond 5G Wireless Networks. Challenges and visions” – 14.10.2021, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM CEST. Partners from MORPHEMIC actively participated in the event:

Among the leading experts from the world of science and business, it was a great chance to talk about the future of telecommunications and what awaits us after 5G. Work on the next generations of telecommunications standards is underway in many places around the world – with this event IS-Wireless wanted to give the opportunity to meet and talk to those who develop technologies and those who will implement and commercialize them.

Topics covered:

– Wireless network management (e.g. RAN Disaggregation, Micro-service Oriented Architecture, Telemetry Aggregation and Processing, Multi-agent Management, Big Data Analytics, Zero-touch Service Management, etc.);
– ML/AI for future wireless networks (e.g. Swarm Intelligence, Event Prediction, Distributed Learning, Federated Learning, Meta-learning, etc);
– Emerging technologies (e.g. Cell-free, Large Scale mMIMO, THz transmission, Optical-wireless, HW acceleration, Molecular