“Welcome to the desert of the real” 

Cloud is becoming a vehicle for next-generation digital business. Many I&O organizations are adapting their strategies to leverage cloud capabilities and prepare for a future of integrated solutions, leading to AI, IoT, and edge computing. 

“A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice, I leave to you”

Marta Różańska from UiO, Katarzyna Materka, Alicja Reniewicz, Maciej Riedl, and Paweł Skrzypek from 7bulls presented the concepts of Multi-Clouds and provided a practical guide to the existing state-of-the-art Multi-Cloud solutions. 

Our webinar mainly focused on the optimization aspect in Multi-Cloud technologies and the implementation of the MAPE-K loop in this field, which is a very demanding area of both research and development. Furthermore provided up-to-date information about Multi-Cloud optimization tools and technologies plus identifies current challenges to motivate research in this direction. 

During the webinar, our speakers showed the live presentation of the multicloud deployment of real applications.

Agenda of the webinar

10:00 Welcome Józefina Krasnodębska

10:05 Introduction to multi cloud deployments and why to deploy into multi cloud Marta Różańska

10:50 Introduction of MELODIC: open-source software for managing application How to model and manage the life cycle of application in multi cloud Alicja Reniewicz

11:15 Deployment and optimization of the big data application to finish jobs processing in expected time with the minimal cost Maciej Riedl

11:30 Benefits of the multi cloud based on above examples and additionally complex AI based system Paweł Skrzypek

11:45 How to start Katarzyna Materka

12:00 Q&A Józefina Krasnodębska 

Our webinar has been recorded, available on the MORPHEMIC youtube:


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