Artificial Intelligence is one of the fast-growing technologies worldwide as it brings the capacity of programming digital computers or robots to perform tasks in a more efficient way from time, cost and energy viewpoints. The benefits associated with Artificial Intelligence are not only linked to economic and technological aspects as this technology offers also the opportunity to find solutions that address some of the main society’s issues, related to, for example, healthcare, manufacturing, or energy. However, Artificial Intelligence can help society only if it is developed through high-quality systems that allow people to trust them and show concrete advantages to them, businesses and governments.

In this context, the AI-SPRINT and Morphemic projects are developing AI-based frameworks that aim to exploit the potential offered by Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to offer tools and open-source platforms. The validity of the work conducted by these two projects is going to be demonstrated through thematic use cases. The main objectives and achievements of AI-SPRINT and Morphemic are going to be presented during the dedicated webinar “Unleashing the potential of AI in Healthcare and E-Brainscienceon 2 November at 15:00 (CET) where the attendees can learn more about the projects’ main solutions with practical use cases developed in the field of E-Brainscience (Morphemic) and Personalised Healthcare (AI-SPRINT).